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Combined model of the Soviet self-propelled artillery unit 2С3 "Acacia" in the set of Trumpeter 05543.

The work on the creation of the car began in 1967. The SAU armament was adopted in 1971. The running gear was developed on the basis of the chassis of the SRS "Kolo". "Acacia" is armed with a softener D-22 caliber 152 mm. This weapon can fire nuclear munitions. On the tower is also a machine gun PKT caliber 7.62 mm, which can be controlled manually or remotely. The machine is capable of overcoming water obstacles up to one meter deep. "Acacia" has proved very well in Afghanistan and Chechnya, as well as in a number of other conflicts. To date, the armed countries of the CIS and several other states.

The set of Trumpeter 05543 includes 8 years with basic parts, caterpillar tracks and photoconductive board. The tower and the body are packed separately. The model is cast in plastic gray. The quality of casting is excellent, there are no shortcomings, no stiffness or other drawbacks.

The surface of the assembly line model SAU 2С3 "Acacia" is very well detailed, imitation of welds and imitation rivets. Well reproduced rollers, machine gun and gun. Hatches can be made both in an open and closed position. The caterpillars are assembled without glue. Excellent prototype matching. The set includes instruction, color scheme of coloring and decal.


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